1. Pet Insurance (Sickness/Injuries) is not the same as a Wellness (Check-ups, vaccines, dewormers) plan.

2. Get Pet insurance before your pet gets any sicknesses or conditions, otherwise Insurance will consider them “Pre-existing” and will not cover any expenses associated with those issues.

3. Pet insurance is NOT for old pets. If you have a young and healthy pet, is the best time to get insurance.

4. If you have insurance DO NOT switch to a different Insurance Company, unless your pet has been otherwise healthy.

5. Keep in mind that there are waiting periods when you sign up your pet for insurance. Some companies will require 2-4 weeks from when you bought insurance, before they can start covering your pet.

6. Most insurance will have a Deductible (out-of-pocket money) before they can start covering and reimbursing you for your pet’s expenses. Some deductibles are “Per year”, some others are “Per-medical condition”

7. Most insurance companies do not pay for the Exam fees.

8. Only a few Insurances will cover both  Sicknesses/Injuries and Wellness (Preventative care).

9. Some insurance companies will allow you to process the claim through your veterinarian, or through a mobile App on your phone.

10. Most insurances will require that you pay the veterinarian at the time of services, and then the Insurance company will refund you directly.

*Not all insurance plans are the same. Different plans for different pets and different owners are available. Ask Dr. Rivas which plan may suit your pet and your situation best.