Our Services

Helpet Veterinary Center offers a broad range of services for cats & dogs. Anything that your best friend needs, we are able to provide.

Preventive and general medicine

A new and fully equipped facility is available for you and your pet in order to prevent and treat diseases. Routine preventative and general medicine incorporates thorough physical exams, diagnostics tests in our in-house laboratory and x-ray machine, vaccinations, deworming, and parasite (worms, fleas, ticks) prevention.


From bite wounds and laceration repairs, to more advanced soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries we will do our best to get your pet back to health. Our in-house doctors, and Board Certified Surgeon, or specialists on call or at referral centers will be available to meet your pets’ surgical needs.


We believe that a healthy mouth will lead to a healthy pet. Oral examinations, dental cleanings and treatment are performed under general anesthesia to ensure no dental disease is missed and that they are treated accordingly in a safe environment. Dental digital xrays are performed on all our pets. We can only see a portion of the tooth with our eyes, therefore radiographs will reveal any disease under the gum line. Dental disease can result in abscess formation, and even worse, heart, liver, or kidney disease. Call us for more information and to schedule your pets’ next dental evaluation and treatment.


Digital radiography is available in-house to assess your pet’s health when needed. Digital radiography allows for a safer, better quality x-ray, that can be sent to radiologists or other specialist for review.

Thoracic and Abdominal Ultrasounds are available  in-house with Board Certified Internist, or Residency-Trained Internal Medicine practitioner.

Computed Tomography (CT) scan for pets is available in our facility through our partners of Mobile Pet Imaging.

Emergency Medicine

At Helpet we know how accidents or illnesses can happen at anytime. During our business hours, our doctors will do everything possible to save your pets’ life and make them get well as soon as possible. Our doctors bring all their emergency experience saving pets’ lives in Miami.

Clinical Laboratory

In our in-house laboratory we are able to process and analyze most samples (Blood, urine, fecal, cytologies) in order to diagnose your pet on site. There are other diagnostics that will require specialized laboratories. We work with one of the largest diagnostics laboratories, where we would send your specialized tests.

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