We wanted to take the time to help you understand the concept of Wellness Plans and Insurance Plans. They are both great products to acquire, but they are different. We hope this article helps you to make an informed decision in regards to which plan to choose for your beloved pet.

So, what is the difference between a Wellness Plan and Health Insurance? It is more basic than you think. Wellness Plans are programs in which you as a client pay either a monthly or annual sum that will cover general exams, vaccinations, dewormers, and in some plans, limited bloodwork or radiographs are included in a per year bases. On the other hand, Health Insurance refers to the product in which you pay a monthly premium, and after you meet a certain deductible, then the insurance will cover a percentage of the veterinary bill, up to 90% of the total amount. Health insurance however, does not include vaccinations, dewormings (unless part of a treatment), or other preventative diagnostics and medications. The opposite is true. Wellness plans will not cover the veterinary bill if your pet gets sick or injured in an accident.

Generally speaking, a Wellness Plan is different from a Health insurance plan.  Therefore, they are not a substitute for each other. In fact, they complement each other. We know you want the best medical care for your pet, and access to high quality medicine. We know how costly veterinary medicine can be, specially when it comes to treating sick or injured pets. We know that not everybody has the disposable income to pay for the costly veterinary bills. If you have insurance, you do not need to worry about those bills, and it could mean being able to pay and save your pets’ lives. For most of us, it is easier to pay a monthly premium, than it is to pay a large amount of money at once. So, unless you have a few thousand dollars in a savings account exclusively for your pet needs, we do recommend getting pet medical insurance. In regards to Wellness plans, they are important as well. A responsible pet owner, who does not want to allow finances dictate the quality of medicine your pet must receive, would get both plans, a Health and a Wellness plan. There are companies such as Nationwide who offers a complete package, covering your pet for anything from preventatives and regular check ups, to injuries and sickness. You can visit the Nationwide Pet insurance website to get an instant quote and choose the “Whole Pet” Plan. They do offer both products individually as well, in case you do not want the “combo”. Different  insurance companies such as Trupanion, Embrace, PetPlan, and others, can also provide instant quotes.

Please get a Wellness Plan AND a Medical insurance plan for your pet. If you can not afford both, get at least the Medical Insurance. It can make the difference in saving  your pet’s life.

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