Pets enjoy Valentine’s Day as much as you and your significant other does. However, there are a few safety tips to consider in regards to you pets.

Chocolate, from milk chocolate to bakers chocolate, they are all toxic. The darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is. Symptoms may vary from gastrointestinal upset with vomit and diarrhea, to neurologic symptoms, cardiovascular abnormalities, coma, and even death. If you notice that your pet gets into chocolate, or if you notice any abnormalities, please bring him immediately so that the veterinarian can assess and treat accordingly.

Flowers, specially lilies are toxic to cats. The flower, the stem, and even the pollen and the water where the flowers are kept could contain enough toxin to cause kidney failure in your cat. Please keep these flowers out of reach from your cat, or even better if you can avoid them.

Bows, ribbons, wrappers, could also be of potential danger. If your pet chews and ingests any of these, they can end up causing a gastrointestinal blockage. Please be aware of those, and dispose of them to keep your pets safe.

Sugar-free candy and certain gums contain xylitol, which may cause hypoglycemia and even liver damage. Please monitor closely for any signs of lethargy, abnormal behavior, and vomiting.

Raisins and grapes can cause acute kidney failure in dogs.

Alcohol and human medications such as ibuprofen and other NSAIDS can also be toxic. Keep them away from pets.

If you notice any abnormalities, please let us know and bring your pet so that our staff at Helpet can evaluate and start treatment immediately. Call us at (786) 401 6303 or call ASPCA Poison Control (888) 426-4435 or Pet Poison Helpline 855-764-7661.