We are all familiar with the waiting times at doctors offices, on the human side. And some of us have experienced long waitings to have our pets seen by the veterinarian. After working for several veterinary hospitals, from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, Dr. Rivas has seen the unjustified waiting that clients have to endure to finally have their pets checked. Now, there are cases in which walk-ins have to wait longer, but understand that scheduled appointments have a priority.

At Helpet Veterinary Center, we proud ourselves for having a minimum to no waiting time for our scheduled appointments. It is a differentiator that Dr. Rivas wanted to have over the competitors, as he values clients’ time and the urgency to help your pet.

Please, call us to make an appointment today at (786) 401-6303 and experience the prompt service. No more having to miss half a day of work for a vet visit.